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To maintain a successful website requires ongoing support, regular maintenance and considerable technical knowledge.

It’s one thing to build a great website, but in order for you to operate it successfully, you’re also going to need to set up and configure a web server, then stay up-to-date with all the latest web technology, and keep track of numerous external software licenses, updates and bills, all while ensuring to implement tight security measures to keep your data safe.

Sounds a little overwhelming, right? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of our clients don’t have the technical skills or the time for this either. We know you’d rather be concentrating on your actual business, and not wasting time or energy trying to become a part-time web developer.

Well, that is precisely where we come in. Our web care plans provide the most creative and intuitive solutions to make sure your business continues to grow. And for as little as the cost of a coffee a day, your website worries will be gone.

Your website and online presence is critical to your business, so make sure to give it the care it deserves.

Our web management and care plan services will ensure that your website, software, calls-to-action, navigation, and everything else, constantly work to your advantage to attract new visitors and convert them to loyal customers.

Your website needs continuous monitoring, maintenance and fine tuning in order for it to give optimum performance and stay safeguarded. Avail of our web expertise and technical skill-set when we look after all the maintenance and updates of the back-end of your website.

We Keep You Online - Website Management

we keep you online

Our secure cloud hosting and optimized servers allow for fast loading speeds, and makes sure that your website is available 24/7 to your audience across all time zones.

we keep you secure

We know how important security is for our clients. This is why have sophisticated IDS/IPS systems in place, and by default only use the latest PHP versions on all servers with the most up-to-date security features available.

We Keep You Secure with Website Management Packages
We Keep Your Website Backed Up with our Annual Web Care Packages

we keep you backed up

In the unlikely event that something should go wrong with your site, we have your back. We take regular backups of both your website and database to ensure that we can always restore a fully working version of your site at any point.

we keep your software updated

All licensed software, WordPress engines, and any plugins are always kept up-to-date. We ensure that you have the latest secure versions running on your website at all times by implementing regular scans and updates.

Care Plans - We Keep Your Software Updated
Care Plans - We Keep You Informed

we keep you informed

Our detailed analytics and reporting allows clients to easily understand exactly how their website is working for their business. Check statistics like visitor numbers, search key words that brought users to your website, and learn user behaviours while browsing your site. Such insights can be extremely valuable to increase traffic and help your business grow.

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