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Powerful and effective PPC campaigns driving targeted traffic to your business, that continue to deliver ROI.

While intelligent SEO techniques will certainly bring you more organic traffic, reaching new audiences via this method can be very time-consuming and competitive. Paid Search or PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns bring you paid traffic, allowing for businesses to show ads to their target audience almost immediately.

Paying for ads to get on your target audience’s radar in search engines and boost your traffic is actually a much faster way to generate more leads and conversions. But it’s not without its share of challenges.

To run a high-performing PPC ad campaign, you need to know what you’re doing. You can’t be shooting in the dark, because you’d just keep shooting yourself in the foot. PPC ads are not a guessing game. You can’t run an ad based on your assumptions and not consider what makes your target customers tick.

You also can’t run the same ad over and over and expect different results. You need to know how your ideal customer thinks and what their needs and pain points are. You need to detect what stage in the buyer’s journey they are at, so that you can understand how to engage them.

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This can all quickly become very overwhelming and confusing. There are simply too many variables to factor in. But don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake for us. At Hashtag, we have PPC experts who know how to launch low-cost, high-performing PPC ad campaigns that bring you more bang for your buck.

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We start with in-depth market research to learn more about your audience and understand how to create highly-targeted ads that convert. We also conduct keyword research, because it’s not all about the volume. It’s also about relevance.

Once we figure out the works and create your ads, we monitor their performance and A/B test them regularly to make sure we arrive at the perfect version that brings you the highest CTRs and conversions.

If you put your trust in us and let us run your PPC campaigns, we guarantee that we will make every single click count.

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