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Web development isn’t just writing a few words on the top of the page and using a visually pleasing theme. It’s ensuring that your website is running smoothly, that all the data you collect is secured, and that your website is always online.

As leading and experienced web developers, Hashtag will have your site up and running and providing a seamless experience to every visitor every time.

Our team offer web development services that are customized to suit your specific needs.

To make the most out of your website, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of the site is precisely right. And there are three things that we consider to be crucial when we’re developing a website that’s right for you – up-time, speed, and security.

we keep you secure

If you collect data from your customers, such as credit card information, email addresses, and more, you need to keep it safe! A data breach or a cyber attack spells disaster for any business, so keeping your website safe and secure is our top priority at Hashtag.

we keep you online

It’s also of critical importance for your website to always be online, especially if you’re in the E-commerce industry. If your website goes down, no customer will wait around for it to go back up. Instead, they’ll go straight to the competitor’s site, resulting not only in temporarily lost profits but also in permanently lost customers.

we keep you fast

The consequences are the same if your loading speed is subpar. Online customers have no time to waste on a sluggish website. Speed improves customer satisfaction and even affects your ranking on search engines. 

For a stable website that’s always online and always fast, you need reliable hosting solutions.

Our dependable cloud hosting solutions will have your website consistently online. With regular software updates and thorough maintenance, your website will always be live to serve its purpose – generating leads and inspiring trust among your audiences.

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