Simple SEO Tips to Improve Your Traffic

Simple SEO Tips to Improve Your Traffic

Simple SEO Tips

We’ve never heard any business owner say they wouldn’t like to see an increase in sales. So, if you have a business with an online presence, here are a few basic simple SEO tips to help increase your traffic.

#1 Speed is vital

In this fast-paced digital world, users expect your website to load instantly. And so does Google. In fact, if your website is slow, then Google will actually rank you lower in search results.

Make sure your site is fast, optimise images to load quickly, remove any unnecessary plugins and enable file compression.

#2 Create a sitemap

Google uses Sitemaps as a way to understand the structure of your website, and uses bots to then crawl your pages to index them for search results.

Ask your web developer to ensure that your website has a Sitemap, or you can use Google’s free Sitemap building tool to do it yourself.

#3 Be mobile friendly

Google’s algorithm now looks at the mobile version of your website as the primary version, so if your site isn’t mobile friendly and fully responsive, then you’re in trouble.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly if you want to rank in search results.

Simple SEO Tips - Responsive

#4 Be original

Using unoriginal copy or content that has been copy and pasted from another website is a big mistake. Google will penalise you for plagiarism and this will be detrimental to your ranking.

Be creative and write unique content that adds original value, or get a professional copywriter to do it for you.

#5 Be social

Make use of Social Media! Proper use of social media platforms can really help boost your overall rankings. And with social media now being such an integral part of most of our lives, there’s absolutely no excuse for not promoting your business on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or any other platform.

Simple SEO Tips - Share Engaging Content

#6 Share engaging content

Create engaging content for your website copy, blog posts or news updates, and most importantly for any social media platforms.

The aim is to focus on useful and interesting content that provides some value to your audience, and makes it share worthy. Engagement leads to loyalty.

So try to ensure that not every post on your feed is a sales pitch or a product. Mix it up with advice or tips or content with some value to users.

#7 Data is key

Track your progress and adjust accordingly using the Google Analytics free toolkit to help measure your success.

This allows you to gain real time data and valuable insights on the performance of your website, social media, videos, etc.

SEO tips - Final thoughts

These are just some of the most basic simple SEO tips that any business owner with an online presence can address themselves or with their web developer, to help boost traffic to your site and ultimately increase sales and revenue.

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