SEO Tips for Businesses

SEO Tips That Every Online Business Should Consider

5 SEO Tips for Businesses

We frequently receive calls and emails from businesses asking if we can “fix their out of date website”, or “update their neglected online store”, and most of all “help with our SEO and get us ranking on Google”.

With every business looking towards online sales now more than ever, an already very competitive online market share is now even more valuable than ever before. So, with this in mind, here are some quick and easy SEO tips for businesses to consider.

GMB – Google My Business

One of the most important SEO tips for business is to make sure you set up a Google My Business account. As well as a free business listing, your GMB profile lets you easily connect with your customers across Google Search and Google Maps, post photos and offers, get valuable customer reviews and testimonials, track analytics and so much more.

This is hugely important, especially nowadays, for both SEO benefits and organic search, as this information helps Google understand who you are, what products and services you offer, where you are located, and it directs the Google bot directly to your website so it can crawl for more information. The more Google knows about you, the more searches will land on your doorstep.

Page speed

Your pages loading speed is a major ranking factor in Search Engine Optimization, so make sure to remove anything slowing your site down. Page speed is vital, both to users and to search engines, with up to 40% of people abandoning a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

SEO Tips for Businesses to Help Improve Website Performance

There are lots of free tools that you can use to check your websites loading speed both on desktop and mobile, such as PageSpeed Insights.

Mobile-first indexing

This simply means that Google now considers the mobile version of your website as the primary version of your site, making it absolutely essential that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive.

Having a fully responsive website design is crucial. If your site is not mobile friendly, your search engine rankings will most definitely be taking a hit.

Remember that most searching, browsing and buying is now done on peoples phones, and users won’t waste any time pinching and zooming to see your content, they’ll simply abandon your site for your competitors. Always consider that user experience (or UX) is a huge part of retaining users on your site.

SEO Tips for Businesses

Use meaningful URLs

If users of your website can’t read your URLs, then it’s a fair assumption that search engines may be confused as well. You should always keep your URLs and page slugs easy to understand and relevant to the content on that page. If you can’t read every word in your URL, then neither can Google. Try to use exact target keywords in your pages slugs.

Use keywords in images

Always make sure to include words that reflect your web page topic in the image title, description and alt attributes. Also, ensure that each images file name reflects your relevant main keywords. (e.g. seo-tip.jpg instead of img123.jpg)

SEO Tips for Businesses - Final Thoughts

These simple SEO tips for businesses, when addressed properly, will certainly make a big difference to your websites performance and overall optimization efforts. And if you’re using an agency to build and manage your website, make sure to inquire about these SEO tips for businesses and ensure that your site is performing at its optimum.

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