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Secure Cloud Hosting

Here at Hashtag, we are focused on creating functional and beautiful websites for our clients. But, we also recognize that without proper hosting, no website can truly be a good one. Good hosting is the foundation of our every design and here is why.

Once we finish taking care of all on-site design tasks, along with writing and optimization, we make sure that your website is hosted on a proper cloud server. Our goals are up-time, speed, and security – three things without which no website should be considered reliable.


There are few things that can damage a website’s reputation and conversion rates like downtime. This is why we focus on providing reliable cloud hosting solutions that will give your website 99% up-time, keeping you online!

Remaining available at all times is crucial for every online business, their reliability, and genuine customer care. We don’t want you to end up having to deal with websites crashing or downtime issues and explain to your customers why you were unavailable. We want you available 24/7.


Nobody has time to deal with a sluggish website. Online customers are not patient and they will abandon any website that has issues loading up.

Furthermore, the website response speed is one of the crucial factors in SEO optimization, so not only is reliability important for users, but also as a ranking factor. The goal is to provide such website speeds that users never even stop to think about load-up times!


Online security is becoming a bigger struggle for online businesses. New security threats are evolving each day and it can be quite difficult to keep up with them.

We leave nothing to chance here at Hashtag! By providing you with hosting encryption and the added security of cloud hosting, we make sure that your website is as secure as the best of them!

Good hosting is at the core of every well designed online presence. Our cloud hosting solutions ensure that you can provide reliable services and that your design shines as it should.