Content Creation & Copywriting

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Content Creation and Copywriting

Even though Hashtag Web Design’s main services focus on building and designing websites for modern organizations that need a strong web presence, our services and knowledge extend even further.

After you build your website from scratch, it needs to be infused with proper content that will speak to your audience, make them stay on your site, and potentially lead to converting them into customers. The wide expertise we have here at Hashtag Web Design allows us to look at your web presence from all angles and make it resonate with your target audience.

What do our Content Creation and Copywriting services include?

Our copywriting services range from blog posts, articles, onsite copy and website content, newsletters, ad copies, and any other types of content.

Content Creation and Copywriting Services Cork

Our team of writers consists of professionals that have knowledge in various niches as well as writing skills to set the right tone for your brand.

We will deliver relevant content that can promote conversions and generate leads. On top of that, our expertise in SEO allows us to always deliver SEO friendly content that will further enhance your overall online presence.

Communicating the value you offer

We believe that the first step in quality copywriting is to create and deliver a message through which readers can learn about the value that your business provides.

We have the knowledge to create engaging, unique selling propositions for small and mid-size businesses. Our content is customer-driven and we can quickly get their attention by explaining what you offer and why your services have value to them.

Making a connection with your customers

Sparking interest is the first thing a good copy needs to do, but it also needs to connect its value to potential customers in a meaningful way.

We always deliver content that makes readers anticipate the solutions that your products or services provide.

Our writing excites customers and makes them visualize how your services or products can help them achieve their goals.

Converting leads to customers

At Hashtag, we know how to deliver a persuasive copy that will help customers cross the bridge between their needs and your solutions.

This increases the number of lead conversions, which in turn increases your customer base and ultimately your company’s revenue.

We offer both fresh new content and rewrites of your past content. We are focused on perfecting your copy and content towards better conversions.